This study evaluated the test-retest reliability and accuracy of the Strike-f(x) in a training situation with experienced (kick)boxers. The Strike-f(x) is a free hanging, boxing bag that provides feedback on the impact force and location of striking actions. This study was performed using the second prototype of the Strike-f(x). It showed that measurement system has excellent reliability.

In this reliability study a test-retest design was used. That is, during two measurement sessions, 15 healthy participants of a different skill level performed two punching techniques at three different heights. The results showed a significant correlation between the two measurement sessions for mean impact force for both punching techniques at all three striking targets. The observed Intraclass Correlation Coefficient was higher than .90, indicating for an excellent reliability. The Strike-f(x) showed excellent test-retest reliability. As its reliable and accurate, the Strike-f(x) can definitely be recommended for training purposes to help athletes monitor and improve their performance.

Damen, A., & van Leusen, T. (2020). The reliability and accuracy of the Strike-f(x). Bsc-thesis Bewegingswetenschappen. Amsterdam: Vrije Universiteit.