NextRound -formerly known as Strike-f(x) is a free hanging, intelligent boxing bag that measures impact force and location of punch and kick actions. NextRound was developed in collaboration between researchers and engineers for scientific measurement, and is now commercially sold by a start-up called Sport-f(x). The NextRound won the Dutch Sports Innovation Award in 2020.

The measurement system of NextRound is housed inside the boxing bag, meaning that the ‘feel’ and the use of the system is no different than regular boxing bags. NextRound can provide real-time feedback about pertinent workout performance measures such as the impact force of striking actions, the volume and intensity of a workout, and calories burnt, allowing leisure as well as elite athletes to keep track of their performance and progress. The detailed real-time cardio feedback is immediately shown on a screen next to the bag. The NextRound(x) boxing bag does for (fit-)boxing workouts exactly what rowing machines do for rowing, treadmills for running and spinning bikes for bicycling. NextRound is ideally suited for gamifying workouts. The development of NextRound was supported by the Department of Human Movement Sciences, Demonstrator Lab (VU) [5], and NWO (Take-off). 

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